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If you care about the planet eat more pulses - we make this easy for you

If you care about the planet eat more pulses

Going through sprouted lentils. Feeling the warmth and moisture of mother Earth in my hand.

Lentils are the champion!

Scientists compared the antioxidant content of 10 different legumes.

Lentils proved to be the winner, as they were found with a significantly increased amount of antioxidants. They also showed powerful activities against LDL oxidation and Free Radicals. Lentils were proved the best among all tested food legumes for promoting heart health and preventing cancers.

The part below explains in addition, that the value of whole plant foods lies in them ingested in a whole food form as opposed to their parts found in supplements. 

Other interesting parts of the same research showed that by eating legumes for breakfast, the following meals we will have during the day will get digested slower. That means we get long lasting energy and the sense of being full for longer!

Additionally, people with gastrointestinal issues who were fed a full portion of legumes per day, in just a bit over 3 weeks, they were rid of all the bad bacteria stagnated in their colon. As a matter of fact, chickpeas were proven to have the potential to modulate the intestinal microbial composition in a matter of weeks!