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we can only make it if we work together

Our reusable containers

Dear community of conscious people and friends,

Thank you for being here.

We created this net-zero service for people like yourselves, who needed access to delicious, healthy and sustainable food but don't have the time to source it, prep it and cook it.

The organic food we prepare for you, is getting delivered exclusively in reusable containers.

We trust that you all get it that this service can only succeed with you caring enough to put the extra effort to wash and return the reusable containers each week.

If you haven’t finished the food when your next delivery approaches, please decant the food into your own containers so you will return all of ours.

Each container is tracked with a unique QR code.

We are not including any container costs in your food orders to keep things simple and affordable.

We simply trust you and know that you will do your best to look after them.

We understand there will be extenuating circumstances and we are here to listen but we rely on you to do your bit so we will have enough to get the food out to everyone each week.

Below is a price list of all the containers we are using.

The 1st time you miss something you will receive a reminder.

The 2nd time will receive a warning.

The 3rd time you missed a chance to return a container you will be receiving an invoice for a non-refundable charge.

If you like any of our containers, they will also be available for purchase soon but in the meantime,

Please save us from all this boring admin and let’s make this work together.

Many thanks,

The Gaia Pulses Team