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If you care about the planet and your health, eat more pulses! We make it easy for you.

Eat more pulses for you and the planet! We make it easy for you.

Our Story

We all deserve access to real food; We all deserve a future.

Gaia Pulses means "Earth is alive" - this is my message to the world.

I am here to offer food for our future.

I will never forget the smell of my grandmother’s Fasolada*. She was a legendary cook because she could transform the most simple of ingredients into sheer joy.

The long table glowing draped with the white tablecloth, was set in the shade of the tall trees in her garden and laid simply with pickles, olives and bread. The whole family gathered for lunch. My grandmother would serve everyone’s bowls to the brim, my grandfather would strike a joke and with a glass of the house white in hand, we would all laugh and cheer, "Yia mas! - To our health!".  We would then savour almost in silence another one of her glorious peasant foods. That's how good her food was.

My family taught me there is a lot of truth in the old knowledge. Not only that we are what we eat, but how we think and feel depends on what we eat.

When I came to London, I realised how the modern way of life has detached people from nature - particularly from eating natural, healthy, feel-good foods. I wondered how long could we last for if we keep on eating mass produced, processed meat and what is the real cost of those £1 burgers for the planet and ultimately for us.

My producer’s job suddenly felt meaningless so I quit and my passion became to do my bit and offer our world a chance.

I knew a great source of ethical, sustainable and delicious form of protein that offers long lasting energy, keeps us full, induces our brain activity and makes us and the planet feel great! - The foods that my grandmother used to cook, and the many generations of Greek grandmothers before her: Pulses! The cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet which allowed my people to eat meat only once a month and in return offered them a happy, long and healthy life. This 'food of the poor' I believe is the real ‘Food of the Gods’ and I decided  to cook it to perfection and to share it with you in the most ethical and sustainable way possible for us and for the planet.

We all deserve access to real food; we all deserve a future.

*Fasolada is a traditional Greek Butter Bean Stew. It is one of the dishes at our range and we call it Greek Butter Beans.