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If you care about the planet and your health, eat more pulses! We make it easy for you.

Eat more pulses for you and the planet! We make it easy for you.

Lemony Lentil & Caramelised Onion

15 May

The 'Golden Lentil' is inspired by 'Fava,' a traditional dish from Santorini, Greece - Yellow Lentil, Carrot, Onion, Lemon, Turmeric, Ginger and Extra Virgin Olive Oil topped with lightly caramelised, Rosemary Red Onion (without sugar). This dish is rich in minerals from the volcanic soil of Santorini.

A 350g portion of this dish will cover at least the 70% of the daily need for protein and the 95% need for fibre of an average adult. It is naturally low in fat, saturates and sugar. Its low glycemic index and high content on Iron, B Vitamins, Folate, Vitamin C, K and Manganese and Magnesium, make this dish a super food.